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3rd Kup

3.5th Kup grading syllabus (Red Tag – Red Belt)

Techniques specified on any previous syllabus
Inner pressing block  (tiger Stance)
Reverse hook Kick (fighting stance)
Jab, spinning backfist, Turning kick (fighting stance)
Reverse upper elbow strike (long stance)
Double low section block (back stance)
jumping double front kick; low and midsection (fighting stance)
Reverse ridge-hand strike (long stance)

One Step Sparring
Any (Including takedowns)

Taegeuk Oh Jang / Pattern #5
Taegeuk Yook Jang / Pattern #6 (first 5 moves)
Examiners choice

Side kick (both legs)

Free sparring in full armour (Semi contact to body, some kicks targeted towards the head) x3 rounds in a row
Jab, cross (pad work)

Self Defence
Any attacks from front and behind

1.5 minute plank
x30 Leg-ups

What does Pattern #6 represent?
Explain the difference between ITF and WTF Taekwondo
What does red belt Represent?
Explain how to generate power
Inner knife hand strike in Korean
reverse punch in Korean
Explain the meaning behind the Aquila Logo

*This syllabus should be used only as guideline of the level of techniques required to pass the grading. The examiner may ask for techniques not specified in this syllabus

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