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5th Kup

5th Kup grading syllabus (Blue Tag – Blue Stripe)


Must have competed in at least 2 competitions (Inter-club or above)
Must have full WTF approved protection

Techniques specified on any previous syllabus
Double knife hand block (Back stance), step forward spear hand strike (long stance)
Inner-pressing block (Walking stance)
Front kick, turning kick, chop kick (Fighting stance)
Turning Kick, Back Kick (Fighting stance)
Back Kick, turning Kick (Fighting stance)
Upward elbow strike (Long stance)
Hook Kick (Fighting stance)
360° half-turning kick (Fighting stance)

One Step Sparring
(i) Inner block to the outside (Walking stance), step round and elbow strike (Horse-riding stance)
(ii) Outer knife hand block to the outside (Back stance), step to the outside and perform X2 punches to the Kidney and X1 punch to the face (Horse-riding stance)

Pad Work

X4 Skipping turning kicks (Holder and kicker will be examined) Alternate legs
X4 Side kicks (Holder and kicker will be examined)

Taegeuk Sam Jang / Pattern #3
Examiners choice

Free sparring in full armour (Semi contact to body)

Self Defence
Any attack from the front

Chop Kick and/or Outer knife hand strike

What are the benefits of doing a spin Kick (eg 360° half turning kick)
What Style of Taekwondo do we practice?
What is the name of the global headquarters of Taekwondo and where is it located?
What part of the foot do we kick with when performing a side kick?

*This syllabus should be used only as a guideline of the level of techniques required to pass the grading. The examiner may ask for techniques not specified in this syllabus

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