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4th Kup

4th Kup grading syllabus (Blue Stripe – Blue Belt)

Techniques specified on any previous syllabus
Reverse ridge hand strike (Long stance)
Reverse Palm heel strike (long stance)
Double outer knife hand block (back stance) Half-turn, Back-fist (walking stance)
Front kick, back fist, reverse inner block (Long stance)
Side kick, side sick (Back stance)
Front kick, reverse upper elbow strike (Long stance)
Reverse Hook kick (Fighting stance)
Outer knife hand block (back stance stance)
Jumping front kick (Fighting stance)
Push kick, slide forward chop kick (Fighting Stance) Same leg
Double half-turning kick

One Step Sparring
(i) Inner block (Walking stance), step round elbow strike (Horse-riding stance)
(ii) Outer knife hand block to the outside (Back stance), front leg turning kick/ knee stamp, reverse punch to the face (Walking stance)
(iii) Outer knife hand block to the outside (Back stance), step forward and striking the triceps with a knife hand strike (Long stance); roll downward

Pad Work
Pad holder calling kicks (both holder and kicker will be marked)

Taegeuk Sam Jang / Pattern #4
Examiners choice

Power test
Side kick and/or elbow (forearm)  strike

Side kick
Inner forearm (elbow) strike

Free sparring in full armour (Semi contact to body, some kicks targeted towards the head)

Self Defence
Any attack from the front
Single collar grab (from behind)

What part of the foot do we kick with when performing a technical front Kick
Explain step by step how to perform a front kick
Explain why it is generally considered preferable to block to the outside during one step sparring

*This syllabus should be used only as guideline of the level of techniques required to pass the grading. The examiner may ask for techniques not specified in this syllabus

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