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7.5th Kup

7.5th Kup grading syllabus (Yellow Belt – Green Tag)



Techniques specified on any previous syllabus

Guarding block (Fighting stance)

Reverse inner block (Walking stance)

Outer forearm block (Walking stance)

Low block, high block with same hand (Long stance)

Reverse punch (Long stance)

High block; reverse punch; front punch (Walking stance)

Inner block; reverse punch, front punch (Long stance)

Front Kick, front punch (walking stance)

Inner crescent kick (Walking stance)

Turning kick (Walking stance)

Front kick, turning kick (Walking stance)


Taegeuk Il Jang / Pattern #1


Single wrist grab (Cross-arm)


One- for-one (Light contact)
Free sparring (Non-contact)

 Explain the importance of stretching
Recite Korean terms for the following:
*Front Kick
*Front Stance
*Walking stance
*Training Hall

*This syllabus should be used only guideline of the level of techniques required to pass the grading. The examiner may ask for techniques not specified in this syllabus



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