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9th Kup

9th Kup grading syllabus (Yellow Tag – Yellow Stripe)


Techniques specified on any previous syllabus

Guarding block (Walking stance)

High block (Walking stance)

Low block (Walking stance)

Inner block (walking stance)

Outer block (Walking stance)

Front punch (Horse-riding stance) High, middle & low

Push kick (Walking stance) On the spot

Chop kick (Walking stance) On the spot

Front punch (walking Stance)

Front kick (walking Stance)


One-for-one kicking (Non-contact)


Pattern #0
First 5 moves of Pattern #1

Strength & Fitness:

X 5 Press-ups


What is the name of this Taekwondo club?

What are the names of the instructors?

Correctly form a fist

Identify the striking area of the hand when performing a punch

Identify the striking area of the foot when performing a front kick on a target pad

*This syllabus should be used only guideline of the level of techniques required to pass the grading. The examiner may ask for techniques not specified in this syllabus


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