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Dan Grading (2nd April 2017)

This weekend, after 26 years of training our Chief Instructor, Kuzey Akses, was promoted to his 5th Dan Black Belt. The examination took place in Nottingham. Each candidate was examined on 11 different elements of Taekwondo. Kuzey's performance earned him the rare achievement of passing every section...that's 100%!! Aquila continues its 100% pass rate at Black Belt gradings. Big congratulations to Master Kuzey Akses 5th Dan!

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Last weekend we took 11 players to Barnsley for our first major kyorugi open of 2017. Our sparring team fought out of their skin and achieved: 4 gold 5 silver 2 bronze Aquila Taekwondo placed 6th overall which is an amazing achivment for a relatively small team. Medals aside, the improvement and level of competition we produced on the day makes us extremely proud. We are honoured to coach this exceptional team and with performances like this; we are excited to see what the rest of 2017 will bring.

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Student National Championships (5th March 2017)

We took 9 fighters to Worcester and achieved: X2 Gold Medals X3 Silver medals X2 bronze medals There were so many notable performances but the improvement overall was remarkable and we are extremely proud. A massive thanks to Taha Nasir, Bianca Porcu and Matt Richard who came to support and volunteer. It proved invaluable on the day. We look forward to continuing this winning streak

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Bluewave Poomsae Championships (29th January 2017)

A fantastic day for our club. Our biggest ever Poomsae team of 9 players achieved 7 medals in total - 2 of which were gold. This was beyond our wildest hopes at the start of the day. Thanks to all the coach's, parents and mainly to the players for this amazing achievement. Well done!

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Goldsmiths AU Ball (17th March 2016)

The Taekwondo club at Goldsmiths University was set up by Aquila in 2015. Since then, we have grown into one of the larger and most competitively active sport teams at the University. 5 medals at the Student Nationals, gradings, organising a London fight camp we among our achievements in 2016. Taking all this into consideration; The University awarded us with the prestigious: "best team" award at the Athletic Union Ball. After only being established for 2 years, it was a really great achievement.

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Dan Grading (20th March 2016)

Congratulations to Aquila Instructor ‘Georgina Ingram’ who successfully passed her 2nd Dan back in March. Georgina passed with flying colours and received a lot of personal praise and positive feedback from the grading panel – including Grandmaster Ian Lennox (8th Dan) Aquila Taekwondo maintains it’s 100% pass rate at Black Belt grading’s!

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British Student Nationals  (28th Feb 2016)

This years competition was held in Worcester and was a huge success for us as a club. Gold in the A-class category meant automatic qualification for the World University Games so stakes were high. The improvement from last year was most evident by Joanna Holmgren winning her final (and third fight) convincingly by getting a 12-point-gap sealing against somebody she lost to the year before. Results were as follows Joanna Holmgren - Gold Khaela Ifill-Hunte - Gold Georgina Ingram - Silver NJ - Bronze Sofia Doe - Bronze Bad luck to Georgina who come up against a really tough professional competitor in her final and narrowly lost out on going to the World University Games On a lighter note, the club has really bonded well over the weekend with some drinks and tortilla throwing

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British International Poomsae Championship 2016 (27 & 28th Feb 2016)

Nevaeh Ferguson was are one and only competitor at the competition Unfortunately the date clashed with the BSTF University National championships so Master Terry and Master Kuzey could not attend. Nevaeh had the pleasure for being looked after by Premier Ki Taekwondo club and won a silver medal from a category of over 16 competitors. A great achievement and a huge improvement from her performance in 2015

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4th Yorkshire Open Championships 11 October 2015

We only took 2 fighters to Yorkshire in October and came away with 2 medals. Well done Dwayne Battles and Georgina Ingram

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British International Open (Lee Valley, London: 12th July 2015)

Aquila Taekwondo's biggest team at an Open to date. We took 13 fighters, many of whom were making their competitive debut. Dilva Bandeira and Jacob Pachansky both took gold but some other very memorable performances all round. Notably JAKE PACHANSKY in a very high scoring debut fight, JACK LEWIS with his best performances ever before being defeated in the final against international pedigree and LOUIE DOCKING / JULIA OLSZEWSKA on very dominant first round fights.....................................not forgetting JAMES SANWELL for ordering a pizza into the stadium. Nice touch!!

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Ultimate Summer Cup (Metrodome, Barnsley: 16th August)

An extremely successful day for Aquila Taekwondo where we had 3 fighters and achieved all the colours. Georgina Ingram: Bronze Medal Shem Battles: Silver Terry Cooper: Gold

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National Poomsae Championships (Feb 28th - 01st March 2015)

The National Poomsae Championships 2015 was a two day event that ran from February 28th to 1st March at the K2 Center in Crawley. This was the highest ranking domestic competition for Poomsae in the U.K and Patterns were performed to a very high standard by all Aquila members. Results were mixed, but Elliot Welling achieved a Bronze medal and Jack Lewis made the final in the very competitive U17 Dan Male category. Also of note: Nevaeh Ferguson from Aquila was the youngest competitor at the competition and made an appearance in the tournament program.

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100th BT Dan Grading (November 2014)

November 2014 saw Britsh Taekwondo host it's 100th Dan grading in Mansfield. The day was a big success for Aquila Taekwondo as Dwayne Battles became our first member to promote Black Belt. Terry Cooper was also promoted to 3rd Dan. A 100% pass rate for Aquila Taekwondo. Congratulations to them both! Dwayne Battles promoted to 1st Dan and Terry Cooper promoted to 3rd Dan. Congratulations to them both. A 100% pass rate for Aquila Taekwondo!

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Halloween Week (October 2014)

At Aquila we try to mix hard work with fun! Many of our students dressed up in some pretty awesome and spooky costumes in recognition of Halloween - and even the instructors got involved too. Take a look....

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British Masters - Aylesbury, London (May 2014)

We had members competition in both Sparring and patterns and as a club, we came away with 2nd place overall. Not too bad for only our second competition as a club.

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